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JVC CA-D622T Stereo Receiver - No Power to the Controls or Display

I have a JVC that no longer works.  When I plug it into the wall socket, I can hear a low hum for a couple seconds. 
The hum comes from the receiver, not the speakers (I disconnected the speakers and still hear the hum when the unit is plugged into the 120V wall outlet).  When plugged in, none of the displays are illuminated. 
Looking inside, there are a couple of circuit boards with switches on them activated by the buttons and control knobs on the front of the unit. 
It appears to me these boards also create the displays. 
There is one relatively heavy dual wire going from the power supply to these circuit boards which I am assuming is the power supply to these boards.  I was able to disconnect that pair of wires from the boards and checked for voltage after plugging the receiver power cord into the wall outlet. I found no voltage going to the controls/display circuit boards. 
Not knowing what voltage I should see there I checked both AC and DC voltage in 0-2  and 0-20V ranges, but didn't see any voltage. 
I'm guessing a surge on the AC power supplied to the receiver caused the part of the transformer that supplies power to the controls/display circuit boards to fail. I'm looking for advice on what I should see for voltage going to the controls/display circuit board.
Also, if the cause is a failed transformer, is that easy and inexpensive enough to be worth fixing? 
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
Thanks, Grog.

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You can download the service manual (schematic diagram):

it contains measurable voltage values.



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