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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Amplified speakers

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Original problem is no sub woofer output. Been through this one and recapped it and the common 2 burned 1K (R16/17)
resistors are replaced but the sub is still not responding. Volume control potentiometer is a common issue on these but
the L-R spkrs sound good.

Went by this webpage on the repair:

On the schematic there is a sub-relay (sw101) powered by +V_HF line it
maybe is suppose to be +V_LF ? Without the relay coming on looks like the sub is disconnected.
The zeners (D03/04) that give +/- Vcc to the op amps seemed way off so I replaced them and the voltages seem much closer.

Theres also a sub-mute line on p104 to p101. Power supply shows the LF mute relay and interconnect diagram says it
gets fed from the LF amp. What is triggering the mute? I dont see a mute button anyplace.