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Kone uniswing door operator - seeking schematics / service manual

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Hi everyone.
I'm trying do fix a door operator (Kone Uniswing Operator) for a public association which takes care of disabled people.
It mainly consist in a dc motor powered through a full H bridge and controlled by a single chip 16 bit microcomputer (M16C/62P family)
First investigations show that the motor is ok, power rails are clean and micro computer does not seem to be fried (correct control of the 1 digit display)

I have to look deeper and therefore  desperately looking for schematics and service manual

If someone could help me it would be deeply appreicated

ps : the little story. The maintenance guy from Kone came and after a while said that nothing could be done except replacing the door operator by a new one : 3000 Euros ! (the complete door had been purchased 4 years ago for 4000 Euros)

Thanks by advance


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Here's a lot cheaper. Less than 600, - € user manual


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Hello !

thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately it's not my decision to buy another device
my job is to tell the owner if it can be fixed or not.



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