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LG 32LB55OU TV picture suddenly went dim during normal viewing

My LG 32LB55OU tv pictureappears excellent but dim and not vibrant.
The power supply is a LGP32-14PLI and the feed to the backlight is specified on the schematic as 117v but I am getting 144v.
Could this cause some form of protection to be initiated and cause the dim picture which is not hazy or blurred in any way. I have tried the various settings in picture mode and it is slightly better with eco mode turned off and the backlight increased to 100 etc etc, but nowhere as good as it was previously before the sudden drop off in quality noticed whilst power outages etc. Is the higher than quoted voltage significant...
I am by no means conversant in this level of electronics! and am somewhat lost.
Can someone be kind enough to advise?

Thanks..Steve Egerton
ps I upgraded the firmware/software from 03.50.06 to 03.50.14 using a usb stick