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LG TV - Szerviz menü kódok

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Models: SAMPOORNA,RF-14A80K ADKBBIN,RF-14/20/21CA30K,RF-14/20/21CA30KE, RF-20/21CB30F,RF-20/21CB30VE,RF-21FA20KE,CF-14D79K,CF14D79KE,CF20/21D79K,CF20/21F69K,CF-20/21S12KE,CF-20/21D331KE,CF-20/21S42KS

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For entering service mode:

· Simultaneously press “OK” button on remote handset and on the front panel of television receiver for 6 to 8 seconds.

· Controls: YELLOW button (Q-VIEW button)

· Accessing parameters: Program Up/Dn buttons

· Changing data value: Volume Up/Dn buttons

· To exit: Switch of the set