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Logitech G502 schematics

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If anyone has them it should be worth uploading them because these mice (especially the g502 proteus core and proteus spectrum with PWM3366 sensor are starting to fail a lot; new ones with hero 16k sensor must have different pcb/schematics).

I have mine since 2014 and i've fixed it a couple of times; first side switches broke, then side switches board trace, then main mouse switches, then sensor board. But all is fixable.

Example in the optical sensor board a resistor failed partially in MISO serial output, making the mouse jump all over the place. I bought a donor board to find the issue since the resistor read 1.2K instead of 150ohm.

If i had datasheet from the start i wouldn't need to buy donor board; sometimes parts are hard to find. So please share to help others :)

Attached datasheet for PWM3360 sensor (very very similar to PWM3366, only internal differences between them)