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Marantz C6006 (UK) not play certain discs


I bought the above CD player a couple of months back and all was well, my old CDs worked and I was happy. UNTIL, I realised that none of my new discs that display information (album, song title etc) will work even remotely reliably. They start to play but the minute I try skipping a track they freeze up, then just stop playing as though I've hit the stop button. I'm really annoyed, I've just been buying a whole load of CDs again to replace aging ones I only have on download etc. and none of them work.

I've tried some new ones that DON'T have track info on and they work fine. What's going on?
I'm really P'd off, I couldn't make my mind up wether to carry on back down the cd route or just subscribe to Spotify or whatever, no I half wish I had and feel like I've just wasted a load of money on outdated old-man tech!