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MTX Thunder TA5604 amplifier working after 10 minutes

Hey i have been searxhing for information on locating a skematic for my older MTX 4 channel amplifier model # TA5604 my uncle is an experienced repair person but in order to diagnose the issue he needs the skematic. I am also kind of ok if i had to send it to a reputable place if needed. i looked a little bit online but to no avail. It just stopped powering on one day on start up but after about 10 minutes it would slowly start allowing sound to pass through. It has been an amazing amplifier and the whole system has held up since the early 2000’s and i really dont like alot of the newer gear thats available today it cant take the same type of abuse lol any information is very grateful and appreciated thank in advance 

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seems on the web only connection diagrams and user manuals to exist...


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Ya that is why i reached out on hope that someone may be able to help. Like i said the amp hold near and dear to me id rather not part with it or have to add an oddity to my system the whole system is all matched with mtx thunder series components even if anyone knew of someone who could do a repair or diagnostic or knows about this amplifier would be greatly appreciated