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My Canon pc-d320 show install toner cartridge even after buying 2 new toner cartridges

My Canon printer pc-d320 is just showing "install new cartridge" even after I bought new toner cartridges. Where I live, most of the printer experts are try and error technicians. One said it is the cartridge sensor. I have already spent much getting two new cartridges as they advised but still no hope. I don't want to go on wasting more money. Can you please help me know what could most likely be the possible cause? And can you please give me a guide, written or video on how to fix it? I am a hardware technician so, I have no problem diserting it. I will really be grateful if you can help me out. Thank you. 

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Please read the service manual:

CANON PC-D320 340 FAX L400 SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts (

In top of page 4-12 You can read the "Install cartridge" problem's solutions.

I hope it will not be necessary to replace the ECNT board.

Good luck!