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network stereo Radio cassette recorder what the din plug for

What is the 5 pin din plug for its been a long time and have forgotten the use of the input or output any help please
I have pick up a very lovely radio cassette recorder in full working order .
could i use the pin plug as an input or is it just for out put ?
Would i be able to input other sounds into the speakers ? 

Multi Multiplikátó
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The most common pinout is:

1: L (or mono) in
2: GND
3: L (or mono) out
4: R in
5: R out

But some manufacturers reversed the inlets and outlets, or leaved pins unconnected, or used own pinouts, for example 1 L in, 2 GND, 3 R in

At some cassette recorders inlets lives only when the mode selector set to tape position, and the record and play buttons pressed. (You are need a cassette, too, and if you don't wish to record, press the pause button, too.)

Note the DIN inlet is 300mV one and high impedance, but RCA outlets 700mV low impedance ones, so maybe you will encounting disortion of overvoltage.


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