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ONKYO TX-DS494 low volume problem solving experience

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here is a message to share my experience in solving a problem that appeared on the home-cinema amplifier ONKYO tx-DS494.
In order to sell this amplifier I had to check if all the outputs and all the functions works properly.
On the back of this amplifier you have to frontal output : A and B.
I connect a pair of speaker on A output : no problem. I can adjust volume.
when i connect the pair to the b output and turn the volume knob no sound came out of the speakers until I reach a level defined by I don't know what. :hmmm: My volume level goes from 0 to 80db ( if I remember well ). from 0 to 23 db no sound and when I reach 24 dn sound increase and stabilize.
With hearphone connected, i don' have this problem so I conculde that amplifing transistor could not be incriminated.
I checked on the service manual and saw that there are two or three component that could be the source of the problem : the main processor, some capacitors on the output PCB and relays.
I began testing capacitors: no pb. then I thought that if cannot be the main proc because it ( I think ) works in a binary mode: it works or it doesn't. so I decided to switch between themselves the two relay and :super: : it works. The relays was in fault and did not switches properly.

here is my experience in repairing an amplifier

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Hi! Maybe oxidation of the contact of the "front B" relay causes this problem.