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Panasonic NV-DS65A Digital Video Camera condensation indicator

I need to get my old digital camera working so I can capture hours of family tapes of my kids so the can have copies on a hard drive.
The camera back in 2008 stopped working with the condensation indicator coming on. No matter how many hours and years past this has remained as a problem. Also not sure if this happened at the same time but the loading of the tape is no longer possible, the tape compartment will not stay closed.
I would like to know if i remove the sensor will it work or do i need to get a new dew sensor and if so where can i get it?
Is the landing of tape problem separate and how do I fix this.
Any idea are most welcomed.


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Tutorial video
Anyway I'd buy (borrow?) a cheap DV camera or DV player (E-bay,etc) to transfer videos.