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Panasonic Plasma TH-85PH12E Error code "4 blinks "

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This elderly monster arrived with the error “ 4 blinks “ which the manual suggest is a power board fault There are TWO power boards and a standby power board inside.
On removing rear cover there were two swollen 220uf caps on the standby board, sadly replacing them the 4 blinks remained.

Swapping the two power boards over[ as they look identical , gives a “ 2 Blink “ error , the limited info in the manual suggesting that the fault is on the lower board [ main 2 ].
Both boards have a PFC voltage of around 380 volts at switch on before the relays click out,  I have done cold checks on both boards and there are no obvious differences.
The manual has only a block diagram of the power supply so it’s difficult to be sure of values / voltages.

My question is has anybody seen or worked one of these or similar beasts

Many thanks Ken