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Panasonic SA-PM53 5-CD Changer with Cassette release Button (on top) stuck in depressed position

It's been a good 5 years since I last played a cassette. Today I tried to open the cassette tray by pressing the open/close button with no luck. I think the button is stuck in the pressed down position. It feels lower in the top of case than I recall. I have never spilled liquid on the unit. I never spray a cleaner on the case.
My question is, how/where can I find instructions for opening the case and accessing the button.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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In this equipment the cassette door open by main (capstan) motor.
When the belt is poor, it is not able to transmit adequate torque to the flywheel and through it to the door opening mechanism.
Unfortunately, the device has to be taken apart, the flywheel has to be manually turned in the right direction, and the belt has to be replaced (5 years without use = dead belt). The pressure (pinch) roller will probably need to be replaced as well. It is characteristic of Panasonc that the rubber becomes rock hard.

Good luck!



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Thank you for replying to my question.

I don't recall the sound of a motor when opening the cassette door. I thought the cassette receiver raised with the door.

I still enjoy the radio and CD player so will have to decide if I care about using the cassette feature. I suspect it would take a weekend to remove the unit and another to reassemble it again. I'm confidant in locating a belt and pinch roller.

I'll probably start the take apart the weekend of May 25-26. Wish me luck. smiley

Thanks again!


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This is the service manual download link:
It will help you. 
I see, the door open button is a separated unit on upper case. 
Really can move to a wrong position.