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PanasonicPT-AE8000 projector not staying on

Hello. I have a PanasonicPT-AE8000 projector under repair. The fault is it will not stay working after it has gone through it’s boot up sequence. This is the fault..
After power is plugged in and turned on. The standby led is lit. Pushing the on/off button makes the projector start as expected. All fans start up. The lamp turns on and the iris opens the start message on screen is displayed. Then 3 seconds latter it shuts down with no faults indicated. Just the red standby led is on. 

The projector is in standby mode but will not start again until it has been powered down and back up again. 

I have tested all voltages and confirmed as per the service manual they are correct. All connections are in and are good. 

Has anyone had a similar fault and if so what area was the repair?

Shizo picture

It's look like goes to protected mode, because processor Ic1046 overheated,reason bad ic or bad power supply, try to cooled them with freeze spray.