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Philips 42PFL3605 chassis TMP 4.1 won't start

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Philips 42PFL3605/12 won't start.

This is TPM4.1 ELA chassis.

DC-DC converter U7106 (G973-120) is faulty, Replace with BA033T or similar.
Footprint might be different but as long as a 3,3 V low drop stabilizer ic, approx. 1A output capability is used it will work.
Pin 3&4 from the U7106 is 3,3V outputpin 5 & 6 is aprox. 5,2 V input.
Mind you: The botom of the case of the original U7106 is also soldered to mainboard.
U7106 can be found on the right side of the mainboard next to the metal case on the mainboard.
To check if this is indeed the problem, measure at pin 3 & 4 for always 3,3V, if defective the voltage will be somewere around 1,2 V .
Then the set will not start.