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Philips EL 3585 motor not working

I have this Philips EL 3585 which unfortunately has a "dead" motor...Everything else works but the motor doesn't turn when pushing the PLAY (I took a look, all the belts are in place). If I move the tape manually, you can hear the sound.
Mechanically, the motor looks OK. Even the mechanic speed regulator looks OK. All the contacts have the elasticity as they should...
I suspect (I am not a guru though) that is some electrical fault...maybe that electrolytic condenser in the motor feeding circuit?
I think that this is a systematic issue for this product as I heard other people complaining for the same situation...


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Hello Rebus,
The service manual is here

.Everything else works but the motor doesn't turn when pushing the PLAY

In this case I would  check (and replace) the pinch roller.(Electrolyte capacitors  and women are not always the cause of problemssmiley)
Anyway,does the capstan rotate when  pushing the play?
Good luck to repair!


Liviu Serbu
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I was mentioning: the motor doesn't work! No motion at all, although electricity is present in the rest of the circuits...Somehow, the electricity doesn't get to the motor...It seems that this is somehow a systematic issue for this product...I read similar opinions in different articles...
So, any idea on what can cause this situation?