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Philips HP5847 shaver stopped working

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Hope I've selected the right forum, I don't speak Hungarian!

I have a Philips shaver HP5847 in which I was replacing the rechargeable battery. Unfortunately while trying to fit it (with long tags attached) something must have shorted out while I was turning the shaver around and it suddenly stopped working (the motor had initially immediately started running as I inserted the pre-charged battery pack).

I found the Service Manual on this site but unfortunately there are no component values shown on the schematic. It was helpful to see the circuit diagram and I noted a (small-value) resistor R20 in series with the motor (for load current-sensing). I found no conductivity through it, so I shorted that out and miraculously the motor started working! I checked out the data sheet for the SAA1500T charge controller but other than confirming my understanding of the function of the resistor gave no help in working out what kind of value I should replace it with... I guess it's a function of the actual motor parameters.

I imagine it is going to be of the order of 1 Ohm or less but this type of surface mount resistor does not appear to have a value marking on it unlike the other components on the PCB.

Can anyone suggest a value for R20 please?

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Thanks for your feedback. I have these two documents but assumed that the 0R07 resistor value was just a typical application value for the SAA1500, not necessarily correct for the actual Philips shaver circuit. Anyway I have managed to order some 0R07 and I'll see if they work OK.


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I just finished the NiMH battery replacement in my razor. The value is 7 mOhms, 0.007 ohms! It is a through-hole part in my Philishave and the bands are black-black-violet-silver-brown. The IC, however, is TEA1090, of the same functionality.