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Philips LED 42PFL6907H

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Hello Everybody,

I got this TV led philips and I am searching schematic for the power supply.
As of today I don't have led power on.
I got 3.3v On the connector to SSB and that's it

If you have an idea , thanks for your help


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Hello BJ!
This type tv set repair very difficult. Olease check all dc voltages on main board! (5V, 3,3V, 2,5V, 1,5V) If any voltages missing this borad never switch on and the LED power suplly not switch on also! 90% main board defekt. If all voltages are redy please check backlight on voltages on power supply connector. If is 0V the processor not controll this input. Processor defect, Flash defect, BGA rework need.