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prology dvd 200mk111 micro molex plug pin out info for 12V

hi got a problem veba av2405 in car twin dvd plyers brought micro molex plug for power in put on 12v dc cant find diagram for pin out i believe to have 2 pins on plug that are ground on main pcb board and 2 of the top 2 pins out the four seem to bend out the back of con dowm on the board to be positives because it has took me ages on net to find diagrams got all new leads found to be a prology dvd 200mk111 got all video and audio jacks just strugling for  molex micro plug feeds 12v can you please help its odd i no im an ex auto elec i worked out ground pins bottm 2 to other think pos+ but why 2 +


One of 12V pins are all time power supply (need 3A fuse), and other of pins are the ignition power (need 0,5A fuse).

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