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REALISTIC EQUALIZER MOD genexxa 31-2030 Schematic

I was looking for a schematic for my genexxa model 31-2030 for repair purposes and i found by comparing the actual 31-2030 circuit board is the same as the realistic equalizer model 31-9081 so if your looking for a schematic of the model 31-2030 if its either a optimus genexxa or under another name the schematic is the same.
As your will surely find realistic or tandy does not give a schematic of their models sometimes.
Only a user manual. As an electronics tech i went many times on the internet to find this schematic of my genexxa vintage equalizer but could not find it.
It is when comparing schematics of model 31-9081 and model 31-2030 that i found out the scematic were the same thing so now i can repare my model. Thanks to your site elektrotanya.