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Receiver Denon AVR1311 starts On and after 8 seconds shut down automatically...

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Michel A
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Hello everybody,

This receiver starts normally and has a nice blue display lighting on for 8 seconds. Suddenly you ear the main relay falling down and everything turns off and you get the red led flashing around the main power switch button. There is no special code with this continuous flashing rythm of the led. I have no diagram of the device and I have opened it and measured the voltage on pin 4 of the voltage regulator KIA78R05P1, which has a validating signal on his pin four.(2 is the output and 3 is frame (-)).this 5V(to-220)monolithic 7805 regulator is on the main PCB, close to the little transfo and ON/OFF relay...and is mounted without any heat dissipator(I was surprised of that fact!).the voltage between(4-3)is 1,88V dc and never climbs up during the starting sequence.
Can you help me to solve this problem?

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IC42 (NJM7812FA, or equivalent type)



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I think, there is a fault in one of power stages or the cpu itself failed.