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Removal of potting compound

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Has anyone ever had success removing the hard glossy type of compound used to seal
various kinds of electronics ou there in the trade?

I am trying to get at the bobbin and diodes inside a small HV (FBT) transformer
to study the material used in construction.

I have heard there is a solution it can be soaked in that dissolves only the potting, and
leaves other material undamaged, but I dont know if its merely acetone or something else.

I tried baking in the oven a while, and it didnt seem to make the epoxied area weaker and when I tried pulling
on the pins, the pins came out.




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If you have the means, the coating can be removed by sandblasting


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These 2k resin cast parts cannot be repaired. They do not have a solvent that can be professionally used to prevent damage to the internal fittings. Unfortunately, new, cheap technologies have brought this with them.

Regards: Tony