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Repair flooded Philips FC6125/01 Electric Sweeper PCB: AN-100675

I was asked to put back into operation, if possible, a Philips Electric Sweeper model FC6125/01 which was flooded.


Philips fc6125​​​​​​

To open it, pay attention there are four screws under the wheels.
Service manual (parts list & exploded view)

First I tested the engine to see if it was still working and luckily with a generous spray of contact cleaner it started working again.

Then I checked the electronic board, redoing some soldering, replacing a transistor that had a completely corroded pin, also rebuilding some resistors on the pin that went towards positive and had been corroded.

Then to verify that everything was working correctly I obtained the electrical diagram from the printed circuit. I am attaching a diagram for anyone who finds themselves repairing a similar object.

Ah, I would add that in the electrical diagram I renamed the components because the name of the component printed on the PCB many times remained under the component itself and was illegible. For this reason I also include a photo of the circuit with the names of the components indicated by me. 

PCB component side


PCB solder side

The battery pack was also completely rotted and I had to redo it. I used 3600 mAh Ni-Mh batteries. I also redid the battery connection cables.

The Electric Sweeper now works again.

Alberto Campaioli

pihe picture

Thanks for your repair story and the reengineering diagram!