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Resetting cartridge for Samsung color laser printers (CLP-315, CLX-3175)

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The Samsung CLP-310/315 and CLX-3175/3178 are great color laser printers and can be had quite inexpensively. But a set of replacement cartridges can cost more than the printer.

Refill toner is very inexpensive--I use but there are other sources--but the cartridges contain an I2C EEPROM which records page count. You can refill the cartridge but it will still be reported as exhausted.

A quirk of the printer design is that the original cartridges that come with the printer have no EEPROMS; their counts are stored in system EEPROM. With a simple modification to the printer you can erase these counts and cause the printer to accept any cartridges for multiple reuses.

This is documented at . I've done this to two printers and it has worked well for me.

Larry M

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Dear Larry!
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Hi Larry,

You reset solution good work but users advanced level of electronics knowledge.
Can be purchased Ebay any printer chip reset using basic knowledge and printer not injured.

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