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RGB Mod in Panasonic CTP-2780SF

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Anyone ever do one of these to a CRT?

Seems like the set has this jungle IC which will be where the RGB lines
for the OSD are needed for the mod:

Am not sure what the line would be that tells the chip to turn the OSD on. Apparently there
is a line if its 1 volt or more, it activates the OSD, if zero its normal video.

Also I think there must be a sync line tapped into which is bought out to the rear of the set,
with the (3) RGB lines / jacks but not sure where that would be tapped into?

I am gonna use BNC jacks, not the scart connector.
There are some youtube videos about RGB modding and lots of topics on the shumps
forums but so far it seems no one has tried this with Panasonic.


Steve Hearns
Technotronic Dimensions, VT [USA]