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SAMSUNG RL36SBMS combi freezer does not restart automatically

High, here my problem in English
Device: Combi freezer and refrigerator SAMSUNG model RL36SBMS
Problem It always starts and immediately after switching on. Runs for hours, sometimes days. Cools freezer and fridge

BUT: Often does not restart automatically after the cooling cycle Can be manuelly restarted at any time, cools both the refrigerator and the freezer compartment. - independent of the set cooling capacity / temperature

The question What can be the cause? What would you suggest for diagnosis? What would you suggest as the first spare parts?  Where can I find an electrical circuit diagram?  How can I contact an experienced technician directly by phone or email
A local technician claims it needs a new motor/compressor - what I doubt.
Thank you very much in advance

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I'm think not the compressor the problem. Check the defrost heater, and the tehrmo fuse. If the thermo fuse opened, change it and change the drefost sensor too.


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