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Samsung UA40C5000QR XXA dead, no stand-by

I am trying to repair the above mentioned TV which is completely dead and has no standby light .
The only light that I see when its plugged on is the 
green and orange LEDs on the LAN socket .
I have checked the voltage supplies from the power supply socket to the second board on which the aux ports are connected and the woofer the control function board around the speakers  and main CTV LED BOARD are connected .
appear as indicated on the main power supply board label but still no standby light and so I am just wondering what else to check .
The voltages on the control function board connector are all below 1v .The highest voltage I am getting around that port are around 0.55v .
What else should I check ?
Do you by any chance happen to have an English Service manual for this model since the only service manual that I have seen is a Chinese one 
especially on the trouble shooting section ?