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SELECLINE LE-2219D changed mainboard CV9203L-Q24, after which the image is inverted vertically

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I salute you with respect! At this TV SELECLINE LE-2219D,the mainboard CV9203L-Q24 was changed. It is equipped with T215HVN01.1 display,and U3 = 25Q32 flash memory. After that, it works correctly, but the image is reversed vertically and obviously no longer recognizes the original remote control (goes with Made for You Code 5224). The Changed CV9203L-Q24 mainboard is turned from TV Orion T22D-PIF-LED. Should a software suitable for SPI U3 = 25Q32 of this brand or a USB update software for SELECLINE LE-2219D, maybe someone knows this or another method. In the Service Mode I have not seen anything that is useful to this problem . Thank you in advance!

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