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Sony CDR W33 cd tray issue

I am working on a CDR W33 Sony,
I first noticed the CD tray did not want to stay closed, so I removed the unit from the rack and checked in out on the bench, Funny thing it opened to reveal the band wrapped around the drive wheel It is Black and about 2 and a half inches long and looked to be in good shape, after looking on line to see if I could replace it any way, Looks like I can, so I turned around the plug the unit back in and in automatically go's into Open and Close without actually opening, though I can here the little drive motor working problem number two, now I cant get it to open so I can not replace the little drive belt, assuming that would solve the problem,

Any way , Even replacing the CDR itself is an option but I cant seem to find a way to remove the dang thing,

I have worked on lots of electronics and know that there is usually a catch that must be released or a set screw that hold it in place,

Can you help?

Is this a common issue?

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The issue can caused by lengthened belt that may slip. In this case you can hear the sound of the rotating motor, however the tray does not moving.
If the tray is closing or opening by itself check the limit switch operated by the tray.
I’m not familiar with this drive. I don’t know how you can open the tray by hand.



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