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Sony KDL-40EX1 , no sound and no picture, power and backlite is there

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Fred Dijksman
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Dear forum members,
Perhaps anybody can help me with the Sony KDL-40EX1 TV set. I have this set here for repair , but I have no experience with this type of TV. It has a media box and sents the TV information wireless tot the TV.

My problem is on the tv: no picture and no sound , the backlite works because I see white light behind the screen. There is also wireless communication because I can turn the TV on and off with the switch on the media box and on the TV itself.
I have the service manual but this doesn't really help me any. So the power board seems to be working because I have high voltage for the ccf tubes and 12V for the rest of the TV.
It is my idea that perhaps the main board is defective because I have no picture and no sound but I am not sure.

Is there anybody here on this forum that can help me with some idea's.
Fred Dijksman