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Sony KDL-40HX850 with error code 4

I have this model who is playing for 10 sec with normal image. Then he goes into standby with the red led blinking 4 times. When i take off the current then he do the same.ritual again
I dont think that its one off the leds from the backlight because that should shown error 6 i think?
I replace  the led driver modul  ST4046RD-S01 without succes.
I have seen into the trouble flow chart that i find into the service manual and there they say that i have to verifie on 
B board on the jumper JL6017 thE BACKLIGHT_MON.
But i cannot find this jumper, because there are not those details in this service manual.
This B board have the number 1-885-388-51
Can somebody help me really with this please

Thanks on advance