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Sony MDP-333 laserdisc player not play disc

Hi everyone,

I have a Sony MDP-333 Laserdisc player that's acting strange.  It's a yard sale find.  The tray works fine, it loads the disc in and spins up, but there's a slight clicking noise while trying to load a CD.  It never gets a track list.  When inserting a LD, it spins up a couple of times (no noises this time) but never starts playing.  I can see the laser lighting up, and it seems to be spinning fast enough.

The laser sled is driven by a strange cable that looks like a wire with a wire wrapped loosely around it, making a spiral.  Sometimes when seeking with a CD it will move all the way out, then back and click loudly like it's trying to move the laser assembly farther than it will go.  This doesn't happen often, and maybe is happening because I'm constantly trying to get it to work, seek, play a track, or at least get a track listing.

Any tips on getting this running?

I know it's not a great LD player, but it was almost free, so I'd like to get it going if possible.  I've cleaned the lens, and made sure the rails are lubricated, etc.  general maintenance like cleaning the belts have been done as well.