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SWR CALIFORNIA BLONDE, trouble Finding Shops That Repair Bad Transistors

Apparently, my 1997 SWR California Blonde is a useless end table. A local amp repair says it’s impossible to find a matching set of transistors for this amp. Says that every month, prices for matching transistors are nearing $1,000 on eBay. 

My problem is that I blow a 3 amp slo-blow fuse, every time I turn the power on. Once I replace with a new fuse, I turn on the power (all volume to 0, internal speaker ON) I get a loud hum for 2 seconds, then the fuse blows again. 

I can’t even find any parts stores that carry this transistor. Electrolytic cap replacement was recommended as well. Shop says this amp MUST have a matched set transistors. Thoughts? Am I screwed? 

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Hello Stew!

You can find the circuit diagram of the amplifier here on the page.

In the first round, disconnect the output stage from the power supply and check the supply voltages.

If necessary, replace the electrolytic capacitors.

Based on the drawing, the type of the output transistors is 2SC3264, they can be replaced with a transistor with similar parameters, if the different encapsulation and the slightly smaller dissipation and collector current are not a problem. 2SC1943, 2SC2921 and similar.

Good luck with the repair.

Best regards: Tony



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