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Teac VRDS-25X CD player (100 volts) was connected to a 220 volt power supply

A Teac VRDS-25X CD player (from Japan, 100 volts) was mistakenly plugged into a 220 volt outlet.
After plugging into the outlet, there were clicks of switching on, the same as when turning on any other Japanese equipment (through a transformer, of course).
After that, no manipulations with the player were made. The power button did not turn on.
After the subsequent switching on through the transformer 100 to 220 volts, the player does not show signs of life. The power button does not turn on the player.
(The power button on this model is not fixed when pressed).
There are no visible traces of burnt or damaged parts inside. Fuses are intact (visually).
Tell me, please, how to check where the malfunction is and what breakdown options can be?
I would be grateful for any advice.

The Teac VRDS-25X schematic is on this site:

PushyG picture

What type of ballast transformer did you use? Phase splitter or autotransformer? Can you measure the outputs of the device's transformer? If you don't measure AC voltages there, the thermal fuse in the transformer is probably broken. Unfortunately, there are unstabilized voltages from the power supply. If these were given a double multiplier, it could destroy the circuits.