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Technics SL-EH60 compact disc no sound

Dear Sir
Please be informed I have a system technics that have a error on CD compact disk,it shows the counting of tracking the disk but it cannot play sound by CD player system  but we have voice of radio and tape.
I will be pleature if you help me by email (vahid_heidarpour at hotmail point com)
Best Regards
 Vahid Heidarpour

email:  vahid_heidarpour at hotmail point com

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Disconnect the unit from main and remove the cover. Check the cables and the connectors between the CD unit and main board. Maybe there is a connection issue. If everything looks fine you will need a schematic diagram, multimeter and oscilloscope for the fault finding. And of course knowledge and skill in electronics.
A mute circuit may have malfunction, or the input selector IC witch selects the input source (radio, cd, ect.)



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