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TEKA TKX1 1000T washing machine . Electronic module

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Hello everybody!

I have at the moment a electronic module of a washing machine, and i can´t  identify some SMD components to replace.

As you can see on the attach file, there is a SMD with the code 6A. i can´t find this, and i don´t have the electronic schematic.

If anyone can help, i apreciate.

Thank you very much.

Nelson Ferreira


File attachment: 

search: smd code
second result: The smd code book
search: 1st character of code - "6" 
center of that page there are some search results what you are seeking
if there is in your pcb a good 6A component, you can measure that and figure out which one is the right one from these search results
that's it all.


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