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Tektronix scope 2236 issue with preamplifier, FET wanted

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Hello to all,
I own a scope 2236, working quite good.
In the past the input chanel 1 was destroyed, Q13= 151-1124-00 was blown. 
This Tek part is very hard to find so I replace it by a BF245b. It was operating, but the frequency range was not linear.
due to the unsuitable characteristic of this N chanel JFET.
Which type will be best as replacement for the original one?
Thanks in advance
Thanks for all hints. Now ich have ordered a J304 from UK, costs nearly 5 € one piece.
I hope the scope will work fine with this JFet on chanel 1 and the built-in meter.
I will report!
Now the J304 arrived. Soldered to the circuit: PERFECT. Some alignment made by comparison chanel B and chanel A. Seems to be OK for me.