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I am a resident of Seattle, Washington, USA — home of Amazon, Microsoft, and other megatechorporations. Although I am by no means rich, I am surrounded by a wealth of discarded equipment that is no longer current. We are lucky to have three great businesses that resell and recycle electronic equipment (Interconnection, RePC, and Goodwill). But the hardware is useless without the technical manuals. And that is where you come in. Thank you so much, Elektrotanya, for providing the manuals I needed to repair "obsolete" technology and keep it out of the landfill. Please keep up the good work!

—Ben in Seattle

P.S. I usually only allow text-based ads, but I turned off my ad-blocker for your site because I want to support Elektrotanya.

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Hi Ben,
Thank you for your kind words!
Hope this site helps many people who want to repair their old machines. 
Thanks to the site's collective, because without them it wouldn't work.


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