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Toshiba 52RV530U - Won't Turn On ???

Hello Everyone,

So, the main TV our family has in our living room simply would not turn on this past Sunday. It was a major bummer because the NFL season finally restarted and we couldn't watch the games on it.

Anyway, its a Toshiba 52RV530U, a 2008 Regza model.  Here are the facts I am using to try and determine/resolve this:

1) Not the socket/plug. I tried using different sockets, extension cords/power strips, didn't help. Keep in mind I am using these same cords/strips/sockets with other devices and they work without issue for those devices so that's not the problem.  

2) Not the power button on the Regza itself. My mom has a another Toshiba model TV in her room and we had used that TV's remote on the Regza without issue before. The remote is now unresponsive to the Regza and works perfectly on her Toshiba. I thought that maybe it was the power button on the Regza itself. Well, that theory is debunked when a remote's power button also doesn't work and it works on other units. 

3) Not the fuses or the power cord.* I did take all the screws out when the Regza was unplugged, to prevent any shock, and looked at the interior, at all the circuitry. I do not see any damage. Furthermore, the two fuses which I surmise are for the main power supply and the sub-power supply are both intact as in not blown/the filament is not broken. The power cord itself I was able to cleanly detach and reattach with ease, it also does not show any damage.

*Now, I know just because these items do not 'look' damaged does not mean they are not.

I only wish I was a professional repairman. Having said that I have fixed my fair share of electronics over the years. I admit, I am out of my element here and kindly request any and all help. In my aforementioned previous experience, replacing the power source/supply is usually the correct fix. 

Sound out in the comments. What do you think?