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Variable LAB Power Supply (Modern Design) schematic required for 750W - 3kW

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Hello all, this is my first post here please be gentle with me.
I want to make my own home built variable bench top power supply. Ideally 10A output and variable from 0 - 80V (or up to 120V) max.
It would be good if extra current, maybe in the 20 - 25V range say up to 50A is available.
Would prefer full bridge mosfet and possibly resonant/non resonant but phase/shift control design
I cant afford to purchase one new but am happy to be inspired by other designs, adding the best bits from a few name brand units.
Operating frequency prefer ~ 100 - 250kHz  I have plenty of EE65 and EE55 cores (and many smaller ones) around.
I also have many suitable enclosures (cases), mosfets, high voltage electrolytics meters etc.  Am planning to design my own PCB when I settle on a good design.  I know how dangerous and unforgiving mains power supplies can be ! (I have downloaded some Sorensen and Delta units from here today). Thanking for any help you can give in advance, Cheers Mike !

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Hi wiseguy,

If you can give yourself an idea of ​​a Sorensen power supply, you can make a great tool.
Not a small challenge but it pays off if you persevere.


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