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Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 1000 crt monitor, black screen. No Image or OSD.

I received this beaut yesterday from a seller who demonstrated it working but it stays black almost unwareringly. However, sometimes when powered, on theres a little flash of white at the edges like my other CRT does, and twice while my computer was booting it very briefly flashed the BIOS screen (and once the OSD) which instantly faded away while expanding to the edges of the screen rapidly, and it went back to black. I haven't been able to repeat since, but I can't remember the except circumstances, so I may not be repreoducing them.



- I hear the static crackling when it turns on (the same as on my other Mitsubishi)

- It can still degauss itself

- I can hear the whine that all CRTs have when the display is on

- The indicator LED correctly identifies when it's receiving input.

- Windows 10 recognises the EDID and gets its name and the resolutions it supports

- I can set the resolution in the Windows display settings and the monitor will make a little squeak as it changes resolution, but it stays black the whole time.

- It has VGA and BNC connectors at the back but the problem is the same with both (there's also the serial connector that looks similar to PS/2 with more pins, but I don't have anything to test that with).

I've tried pugging it into my motherboard's VGA port, an old discrete GPU's VGA, a DisplayPort to VGA adapter and an active (tested and working) DVI-D to VGA adapter, and all of it behaved the same.

I'm guessing the issue happened due to transport shock during shipping despite my best efforts. I'm feeling confident that it's repairable since the tube has displayed stuff, however briefly, and am guessing something just came loose.

Andrássy Gábor
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Sounds like refreshing frequency of your PC is out of the range of the monitor.

The default refresh rate of some PCs are high since we have no CRTs on the market. Some of them could recognise a CRT by the help of the ID pins of the VGA cable - if the device and the cable is plug-and-play compatible. Others needs VGA card replaced.


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John Chungis
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The device does have DDC/EDID and my PC detected the resolutions it suports. I dont think its a resolutions/refresh rate issue since I've tried a number of resolutions to no avail (including manually setting resolutions to ones mentioned in the user manual), and not even the monitor's OSD is showing :( I think it's an issue with power delivery to the flyback transformer, which would explain why I ould verybriefly get some images and everything else seems to work but the actual display. Ill just have to open it up to see what's gone wrong i.e loose connections or damaged solder joints


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