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Marconi TF 2008 repair

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Some months ago I bought a Marconi TF 2008, I knew that the instrument not was fully functional. When I started faultfinding I realized that the wiring was wery complex. By help of schematics that can be downloaded from many sites I started to sort out the wiring between all the modules in A30. It took quite a while but was to great help when I started the faultfinding. First of all I replaced all electrolytic capacitors, found several capacitors that were broken. The main problem was that the Carrier range positions 2, 6, 8 and 10 did not work. The problem for range 2 was an broken inductor L1, in module A8. The fault for range 6,8 and 10 was a broken connection between R4:s center pin and R3 in module A23 (bad soldering). To help anyone with faultfinding I share my ownmade drawings in the attached PDF.

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Hello Sluring,
Great  job!
Thanks for sharing!
Did you find this?