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SHARP SJX-640-MG3 side by side refrigerator is making loud noise

Hello out there on the cloud 
since 5am this morning my sharp SJX-640-MG3 side by side freezer refrigerator is making a very loud noise
the motor seems to be switching on and off more often than usual 
The display says E4 
When I purchased it 2 years ago I was given no instruction manual with error codes and the ones i found on internet are not the same : there is no E4 

i have tried : 
.  checking  with a tester if there is an electric contact 
. putting fridge in an other electric socket
. checking level 
. checking if air vent is blocked in freezer and fridge 
. checking if doors close properly 
. checking temperature ( freezer says -16c & fridge -2C ) 

it still makes the same « clonck » noise when compressor starts and continues with a loud snore .. 
we are totally confined in a small house and have to listen to this horrible noise 
thank you for your help  ! 


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