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Whirlpool AZB889 teszt program?

Sziasztok Whirlpool AZB889 szárítógépnél hogyan kell teszt programot indítani. Köszönöm.

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1.    Close the door or close the door switch
2.    Selected the AIRING program
3.    Press push button (PB) GENTLE 3 times within 5 seconds afterwards press 
Start button.
4.    Go to the next step press (PB) START
5.    How to leave the test program
-    Interrupt of the mains supply for a minimum time of 2 seconds
-    Open door
-    Turn rotary selector
-    Last step of test program is reached and START button is pushed 

S:01    Display and button test, Heat Exchanger position test, Drum Light function via corresponding button
Components to be tested:
Buttons, Drum Light, Reed Sensor Heat Exchanger positioning

S:02    Motor is turning clockwise, Heating Element one coil is switched on
Components to be tested:
Motor, Heating Element

S:03    Motor is turning counter clockwise, The other coil of Heating Element is switched on
Pump is running    
Components to be tested:
Motor, Heating Element, Pump

S:04    Humidity test, Pump and Float Switch Test is running, after water container is drawn out fill water into container housing the pump and floater function is tested    
Components to be tested:
Humidity Sensor, Float Reed Switch

LAST ERROR    Last failure which has been detected is displayed    
EXIT                By pressing the START BUTTON    Leave test program

Safety Reset
To carry out the reset procedure the following sequence must be performed within 10 sec.:

a)    Turn selector in 6 o’clock position (down)
b)    Push “start” button three times
c)    Turn selector clockwise one position (airing program)
d)    Push “start” button three times