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Yamaha RX-V683 unequal right and left fort channels

In my RX V683 BL the front left channel seems to be 2db louder than frint  right. 
is there ant resistive pot in the amp section where one can adjust this. 
kindly advise


are you sure your speakers are correctly levelled? means: does this effect appear also if you switch left with right speaker?

did you try the level adjustment first? since the early days of AVR you can adjust each channel separately.

if you consider stereo playback, you might want to use the use "balance" function to look like this " L <-----------II------> R "

Now it is cold and bad weather, may it be you have some cold/sneeze which is affecting your ears? Do not laugh too hard, I had one  friend of mine, who really had this issue ;)

Kind regards.


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